11 resolutions every right-winger should make in 2019

The following is a list of 11 things every right-winger should resolve to do in 2019.

  1. Join a local conservative political group.
    Get in touch with your local Tea Party, Republican club, conservative group, whatever. This will help you stay involved in your community and contribute to local causes. Even if you don’t agree with the group’s entire platform, it is far better to participate with people who agree with you on 50% or even 25% of the issues than to sit at home alone.This is without a doubt the most important thing you can do. The biggest problem on the Right today, besides the risk of infiltration by self-destructive extremists and useful idiots, is the fact that most right-wingers are atomized and alone. This greatly inhibits our ability to spread our message; to feel accepted as part of a community; to act as a cohesive force; to gather and spread accurate information about issues and events; and to advance our positions in the real-world. The fact that we are divided also makes us far more susceptible to online censorship – real-world community is the solution to this.

    The first step to getting involved is doing an online search for “Republican club” or “conservative club” in your area. This should lead you to the websites of many local organizations you can join.

    If you can’t find a group, start one! Get together with like-minded friends or conservatives in your community. Again, it is far better to be in a group with people who you only agree with partially than not in a group at all.

    This link has far more in-depth analysis on right-wing grassroots organization and institution-building:

  2. Focus on starting a family, or preserving the one you already have.
    If you have kids, spend time with them and raise them right. Make sure they’re equipped to handle the future and taught to be strong and independent.If you don’t have a spouse yet, look for one, and seriously consider having kids.
    I cannot overstate the importance of this step. Large, happy, and healthy families are the basis of strong communities and strong nations. Countries from America to China are in demographic decline, and everyone should be doing their part to keep their homeland afloat and their traditions alive.

    Now granted, there are a few folks who are simply unable to marry or reproduce for one reason or another. If you are one of these people, then there is still much you can do to be a leader in your community and help build a better world. Consider using the extra time and resources at your disposal to involve yourself more thoroughly in the other steps on this list. If you cannot have a family of your own, you can always help other families in your community.

  3. Improve yourself.
    Work out, study, and be more social – or at least clean your room. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you expect to change the world?Become healthier so that you will live longer and more capably. Become more physically attractive and more charismatic so that you can be a better leader. Become more knowledgeable and skilled in the ways of the world so that you will better be able to change it.

    See the RWU Stoic Plan for basic self-improvement guidelines.

  4. Vote.
    Don’t let anyone tell you that voting doesn’t matter. Voting is a tool freely given to everyone – so use it.Help friends and family to vote as well. Keep them apprised on upcoming elections and make sure they’re registered.

    Running for office is also an option. Check out small positions like city council or chair positions in your local Republican committee.

  5. Boycott leftist corporations, and purchase from local or morally upstanding companies.
    Don’t give money to leftist corporations if you can avoid it, and contribute to companies that stand up for your beliefs. I recommend making a list of the companies you buy from every time you go shopping, and evaluating them later as to whether they live up to your values. As a rule of thumb, smaller and more local companies are better.Check out the RWU list of companies to boycott in 2019 for information on specific companies. Note that Gillette and Procter & Gamble should be added to this list.

  6. Participate in communities that don’t cater to your political beliefs, both online and offline. Be involved.
    One of the biggest mistakes right-wingers make is isolating themselves into online echo chambers. There is sometimes even a taboo against using major platforms like Reddit or Twitter that happen to be dominated by leftists. To the contrary, you should participate in communities that are neutral or lean left, because this is the only way to win over new people to your way of thinking. Otherwise you’re just preaching to the choir.Rightists tend to ignore that leftists are winning the culture war because they are great at occupying neutral spaces – e.g. academia, entertainment, the media, the public square, and other places that otherwise-politically-unaligned people flock to. Rightists tend to congregate in niche groups and on fringe websites that merely echo their own beliefs back to them, while leftists insinuate themselves in massively popular platforms that aren’t tacitly political – or even create their own popular platforms (see #11 on this list). Rightists need to catch up if they are to start winning the culture war.

    Furthermore, isolating yourself in a purely right-wing community removes you from having knowledge of what is going on in the wider world. This is why it is important not to just be involved online, but in real life as well. Go to town hall meetings and local events. Be aware of what is going on in your community. Know who your mayor is and who your representatives are. As you become more aware and better connected, you will be more able to further your ideals in the real world.

  7. Don’t let friends and family cuck out, and redpill them if you can.
    First off – don’t be the annoying family member who makes everything about politics. Don’t stick out like a sore thumb like radical leftists do. Rather, it is far better to prove the worth of your beliefs through demonstration, by leading a cleaner, happier, more successful life. If your family and friends know you are right-wing, and see you married with a good job, a house, and as a leader in your community, they will naturally gravitate towards that.In addition, it’s easy to prevent friends and family from cucking out. For example, if you see a piece of leftist propaganda that condemns your race or sex (such as the recent Gillette anti-masculinity ad), speak out against it. If one of your friends or family members holds a negative belief that is critical of their own identity (such as a belief in “privilege theory”), help them to overcome the guilt and become a stronger, happier, and more independent person.

    Don’t let your politics drive you and your family apart, but if you can help them stand up for themselves and bring them closer to the truth, definitely do so. Start small, with those closest to you, and you may see your entire community change in time.

  8. Seek status, political prestige, and wealth.
    There is nothing wrong with wanting power as long as you use it for the right ends. In truth, there is no way to succeed in the world without power or wealth.Note: avoid SPENDING money on things you don’t need, and if you can legally avoid getting taxed, do that. However by all means make more money if you can do so.

  9. Participate in political events – or at least record them.
    Political events happen all the time but they are very rarely accurately documented. If you don’t want to be seen at an event, you can always record it as a neutral bystander.

  10. Volunteer and donate to charity.
    Volunteer for political campaigns and charities. This is both morally good and it will help spread your message.

  11. Create value.
    This is a step often overlooked, but is possibly the most philosophically vital one, and the one that underpins the rest.Whenever you create a meme with a hidden redpill, your goal should not be solely to persuade the viewer, but also to create something genuinely funny or informative. Whenever you have a conversation with an online friend who shares your views, you should strive to reach a higher level of understanding, or to help them improve their lives in some way.

    Firstly, creating value is morally commendable. Secondly, it betters and enhances the lives of the people on our side. Finally, creating objective value attracts people who may not otherwise be interested in right-wing ideas. Objective value can take many forms – funny jokes, enlightening knowledge, useful guides to self-improvement to name a few. Whatever form it takes, creating value and improving the world is the way of the Right and our path to victory.


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